Here are a selection of some of our installations:

Oxford Brookes University

In 2010, we installed a Faraday cage for EEG research at Oxford Brookes University for Professor Gert Westermann. In 2015, we returned to install a second Faraday cage, again for EEG research purposes, this time with many additional features.


  • External monitor, requiring structural work on the office
  • Large internal space
  • Internal speaker, design and production of custom shielding system for the speakers
  • CCTV and Intercom system
  • Sound attenuation
  • Large single finger strip shielded door
  • Internal dimmable lighting
  • Arm mount on the wall for EEG caps to be attached
  • Amplifier holder


Shield Test2Shield Test2015-10-04 14.02.49Brookes 4Brookes 5

University of Sussex

In 2013, we installed a custom Faraday cage at the University of Sussex for research purposes, including EEG, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Electrophysiological recordings.


  • Room within a room design
  • Installation of stud wall
  • External monitor, shielded glass with high optical clarity for Psycho-physics experiments
  • Setup and testing of experimental equipment, EEG/TMS/Visor 2 Neuronavigation system

IMG_1576 IMG_1549 IMG_1551

Oxford University

In 2008 we installed a custom built Faraday Cage for the Attention and Cognitive Control lab within the Psychology department at the University of Oxford.


  • Creation of internal free standing room
  • External monitor
  • Large internal space
  • Internal speakers
  • High degree of sound attenuation
  • Large custom built shielded door
  • Internal dimmable lighting