Our Shielding solutions are designed to exceed the vast majority of shielding requirements (IEEE Std 299:2006). We offer many different shielding solutions depending on your needs and requirements. Our products range from custom built Faraday cages of any dimension, to a modular free-standing bolt together system that can be installed with guidance by our clients.


Faraday Cages

Our modular Faraday cages are constructed from galvanized steel panels, which makes them extremely durable and provides the best all round EMF attenuation. The shielded modular panels come in standard sizes that can be configured for most shielding requirements. We also offer a wide range of custom shielding options, made from differing materials depending on the clients needs. Our Faraday cages have been designed to meet the high standards of EMI/RFI attenuation required for research and commercial applications.


Shielded Doors

Our EMI/RFI shielded doors come in a range of configurations depending on the shielding requirements. We offer high performance single and double knife finger-strip doors, with attenuation up to 120 dB. They are available in standard swing or sliding options.

Shielded Glass

In order to maximize the efficiency of any shielded space that requires a window, we provide custom or prefabricated shielded glass to any dimension. It is essential that the total periphery of the glass is electronically connected to the metal frame of the Faraday cage.

Electrically Quiet Lighting

One of the main problems facing Faraday cages is adding peripherals such as lighting without adding noise to the electrically quiet environment. We can provide a number of solutions for these issues.


Sound Insulation

We also provide sound attenuation solutions for a variety of applications. We offer either a built in double stud wall design constructed out of high density acoustic plasterboard and soundblocker quilt to meet part E standards of the resistance to the passage of sound regulations.  Or for higher levels of attenuation we offer either a single or double walled modular isolation chamber, which feature a simple clean design, with a compression door sealing system and secure seams meaning that there are NO sound leakage issues, and sound attenuation levels past 50+dB.