Our Faraday Cages

Modular Faraday Cages

Our modular Faraday cages are constructed from 2mm galvanized steel panels, which makes them extremely durable and provides the best all round EMF attenuation. The shielded modular panels come in standard sizes that can be configured for most shielding requirements. Our Faraday cages have been designed to meet the high level of attenuation required for research and commercial applications.

Our modular system does not require any structural support from the host building and has the additional benefit of being able to be shipped flat pack to the client to allow remote assembly by the client.


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Custom Faraday Cages

We also specialize in constructing unique shielded spaces of any dimension from enclosures to house monitors or neurophysiological workbenches

Features of Oxford Faraday Cages

  • High performance finger strip shielded door. We supply single, double or even quatro finger-strip doors with shielding performance of up to 120 dB.
  • Electrically quiet DC internal lighting (LED). Exact fittings to be decided upon by client.
  • Our Faraday Cages feature electrically shielded Honeycomb Quiet Shield air ventilation panels and interface flanges for air conditioning system.
  • These vents can also be acoustically shielded.
  • Our Faraday Cages achieve general sound attenuation using standard methods of sound reduction, mass, rockwool etc.
  • Penetration Panel – for internal wiring – depends on clients requirements.


  • Multiple shielded window options
  • Dimmable 12v dc lighting
  • Wheelchair accessible ramp option
  • Internal carpeting, floating ceiling or office style interior options
Shield Test
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