Shielded Glass

In order to maximize the efficiency of any shielded space that requires a window, we provide custom or prefabricated shielded glass to any dimension. It is essential that the total periphery of the glass is electronically connected to the metal frame of the Faraday cage, all our windows come with a conductive frame and flange for easy installation.

High performance shielded windows

For applications that require the highest shielding performance we use a woven electrical conductive mesh which can be sandwiched between  two layers of glass or plastic.


The opacity of mesh windows is around 64,5%. This shouldn’t be a concern, since a regular pair of sunglasses reduces light transmission to less than 9%.

High optical clarity shielded windows

For applications where the clarity of the optical signal is of utmost importance we use a single layer of mesh foil 9000 series that is fixed onto one side of a single glass or plastic window.

Shielded Glass

The window is joined to the Faraday Cage using a electrical conductive gasket.

Applications of shielded windows

  • Shield stimulus presentation monitor
  • LCD displays
  • Touch screens
  • Defense applications.
  • Devices for medical technology, MRI, EEG
  • For test and measuring instruments