Sound Proofing

Double stud wall design

For ‘built-in’ applications we use a double stud wall design constructed out of high density acoustic plasterboard and soundblocker quilt meets part E standards of the resistance to the passage of sound regulations. The stud wall system adds only 250mm per side to the overall finished wall width and is constructed from 70%+ recycled products. As standard it is fitted with a penetration panel and acoustically shielded ventilation panels.

The inner floor  is constructed using a cement impregnated high-density acoustic floor panels designed to improve the airborne noise transfer through separating floors. This is installed on top of a 10mm thick recycled rubber sound proofing mat for floating floors engineered to reduce impact noise through a timber joisted or concrete separated floor, together this system provides a very efficient and stable acoustically improved floating floor.

Depending on the frequency of interest this soundproofing system has a very high acoustic performance, The installed performance of the stud wall soundproofing system provides an average performance of 40dB(A).

The system comes with a high performance acoustic door, which is fully integrated into the stud-work system. It is available in a range of finishes and has a sound reduction value of 44dB.

Isolation Chambers

Our sound proofed isolation chambers feature a simple clean design, with a compression door sealing system and secure seams meaning that there are NO sound leakage issues.

Our isolation booths are completely modular with the ability to place the door, window and ventilation box anywhere within the system.

The standard isolation chamber has a 1.5″ thick flat Polyurethane acoustic foam covered with acoustic fabric. The specialised soundproof booth comes with convoluted Acoustic Foam or Flat Acoustic Foam Wrapped in Fabric. Convoluted Acoustic Foam (on all walls and ceiling) Flat Acoustic Foam wrapped in Fabric (on all walls and ceiling).

This system allows for sound attenuation above 50dB.

Some of the potential applications for Isolation Chambers:
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Recording
  • Music/Band practice
  • Voiceovers
  • Broadcasting
  • Quieten loud machinery
  • Private Conferences
  • Hearing Testing
  • Audiometric Booth
  • Language studies
  • Even Karaoke
  • The list goes on….

Isolation room 4 Isolation room 3

Our modular system is available in a wide range of sizes, which are all highly customizable to the clients requests

Custom options include:

  • Windows
  • Ventilation systems
  • Door hinge direction
  • Exterior and interior foam and fabrics
  • Anti-vibration PVC
  • Interior shelving
  • Penetration panel

We can accommodate most requests so drop us a line to find out if we can help you.


Isolation room 2